Break new ground with your exhibition at Drumsheds. There is a seldom found versatility to the multi-purpose space with endless creative possibilities and state-of-the-art facilities. The raw, blank canvas framework and spacious layout leaves room for your ideas to run free, with an immense capacity in both size and character. Each space possesses a raw, rare industrial feel. With sprawling floors and soaring ceilings each interconnected room redefines freedom, offering a range of facilities, including a stage, PA system, power, and rigging systems.
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Venture into a space where the curious and the creative converge, providing a fitting arena for exhibitions of all scopes and themes. The spacious layout welcomes a leisurely exploration, while the adaptable setting ensures each exhibition is presented in its best light. Here, the essence of every exhibit is accentuated, inviting attendees to delve into a world where the past, the present, and the future find a common ground, fostering a culture of appreciation, discussion, and discovery.